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Marine / Water way spill response products

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Spillfix International manufacture and wholesale a range of customised marine response equipment from mini fence booms through to reel booms, salvage barges and skimmers.


   OilSnare - Oil Absorbent

Distributed by SI – Spillfix International OILSNARE is developed for the recovery (adsorbent) of Bunker C. Crude Oil, and numbers 4,5,& 6 oil. Operative even in subfreezing conditions. OILSNARE will recover from 20 - 60 times its own weight, depending on the viscosity of the oil. Incineration leaves less than .02% ash.

This 'Bad Boy' is the best against heavy oil spilled on the water and shorelines. An excellent oil adsorbent solution for recovery of viscous oils on piers, bulkheads, marsh and rocky shore line environments. All OILSNARE oil adsorbent products are especially designed for viscous oil clean up and are non-toxic, non-scattering, rot and mildew resistant, wringable, inert and can be incinerated with minimal ash. OILSNARE is a cost effective adsorbent. OILSNARE has been used on virtually every viscous oil spill in the last 30 years. They have applications in both small and large spills and will not become water-logged and sink. OilSnare! It's the toughest, adsorbingest, 'Baddest Boy' anyone can buy.

Typical Recovery Rates

(lbs. of oil per lb. of OilSnare)
#6 oil-64 lbs. @ 35º F 32 lbs. @ 70º F
#5 oil-24 lbs. @ 70º F 16 lbs. @ 82º F
#4 oil- 18 lbs. @ 65º F
Alaskan crude-40lbs. @ -2º F

Product # Description Packaging
000000 See individual OilSnake products below. N/A


   OilSnare - Oil Adsorbent Singles
  • Helpful with oil/water separators
  • Easy capture of stray globs of oil on the water
  • Handy for cleaning rocks and pilings
Product # Description Packaging
 OS-15/B OilSnare Singles 30- 8 oz. units in a 6 mil poly bag


   OilSnare - Oil Adsorbent On A Rope
  • Sandy, rocky beach and marshland applications
  • Can be secured to the shoreline.
  • More cost effective than melt blown polypropylene sweeps.
  • Easily retrieved.
Product # Description Packaging
OS-15R/B OilSnare on a Rope 30 -8 oz. units on a 50' rope, 19 1/2 inch apart


   OilSnare - Oil Adsorbent Boom
  • Applications include filter fences for viscous oils
  • Much better than 'sausage' type booms for sheens and moving slicks
  • No gaps, costs less, more durable than standard 8' boom
  • Picks up over 30 gal of viscous oil
Product # Description Packaging
OS-VOB/BAG OilSnare Boom 50 -6 oz. Units on a 40' rope, 8 inch apart 


   Poly backed rolls

Ideal for laying over sand or across turf or soil when foot / transferring contaminated waste from clean up operations.

Product # Description Packaging
7300542 Pump Jack white Socks with Velcro 127mm x 1.06m
DB-79PB Universal denim poly backed sorbent pads 1016 x 1168
M-150 Oil rig rugs - double weight perfed every 1.2 m 1.63m x 50mtre
TR91 Absorbent needle punch traffic rug with protective poly backing 914mm x 30


   Mini Fence booms

This is our smallest Mini Fence Boom and is ideal for your emergency response trailer. Many councils have purchased these units for their maintenance response teams as they easily store in a truck or ute ready for emergency containment response.

Product # Description Packaging
SF/MFB6 6 metre mini fence booms 400mm x 6 metre


   Oil / Fuel only pads
  • Absorbs up to 16 times its own weight.
  • OIL-ONLY Sorbents float, absorbing oil and other hydrocarbons and repelling water.
Product # Description Packaging
PS-75 Pads - Oil only Medium Weight - Static resistant 100 Pads
SCO1308 Rolls - Oil only Heavy weight - needle punched 200 Pads
SCO1320 Pads - Oil only Heavy Weight - needle punched - Australian Made 100 Pads
SCO1325 Pads - Oil only Light Weight - needle punched - Au 200 Pads
Z-70 Pads - Oil only Single Weight - bonded 200 Pads


   Absorbent marine booms

As used by Australia’s key marine response organisation. These booms are durable, meet AMSA standards for retrieval, water retention and recovery and are ultra absorbent.

Product # Description Packaging
ASCO1521 Ksorb boom organic 200MM X 3MTR
ASCO1720 Ksorb boom organic 125MM X 3M
ASCO1725 Polypropylene boom 200MM X 3MTR
ASCO1726 Polypropylene boom 125MM X 3MTR


   Oil sweeps
  • Removes thin slicks and rainbow sheens off water
  • Use sweeps with marine booms for additional spill containment
  • Use to remove surface scum from tanks and ponds
Product # Description Packaging
M-80 Oil Sweep 16 inch x 100 foot



Miscellaneous Marine products.

Product # Description Packaging
ALRB1 Rubber broom with telescopic handle N/A
SCYDB02701 Contaminated waste disposal bags 56cmW x 99L
SHO1 Intrinsically safe moulded shovel N/A


   Static Resistant Pads


  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Mining operations
  • Intrinsically safe sights
  • Use where flammable goods are stored
  • Oil and Gas platforms
  • Plant rooms
  • Manufacturing facilities
Product # Description Packaging
PS-75 Double weight perforated pads 406mm x 457mm
PS-90 Double weight perforated roll (available by advance order only) 406mm x 45 metre

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Photos are for illustration purposes only and actual products may vary from that in the photos