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Mini Booms

Oil White Boom Oil Only White Mini Booms are very flexible, easy-to shape, and are specifically designed to absorb up to10 times their weight in oil spills and are filled polypropylene fill. Our oil Absorbent mini booms repel water and only absorb oil based fluids. Unlike newsprint paper filled mini booms, our oil only mini booms will not fall apart under tough industrial use.

Grey General Purpose Boom Grey General Purpose Mini Booms are the best choice for General Purpose industrial clean-up applications. These general purpose sorbent mini booms absorb both oil and water based liquids and drips. Easy to mould and shape around leaky equipment and machinery. An economical choice for non-aggressive fluids.

Poly Hazchem Yellow Boom Poly Hazchem Yellow Mini Booms are soft and flexible enough to fit in tight confined spaces and absorbs up to 10 times their weight in aggressive (acids & caustics) and non-aggressive fluids.

Oil Only White Mini Booms

Prod # Description Size Units Pkt
M34 Oil only blue mini booms - poly 75mm x 1.2 Metres 40
M1229 Oil only grey mini booms - Organic 75mm x 1.4 Metres 20
M1236 Oil only grey mini booms - Organic 75mm x 3.0 Metres 10
MB01510 Oil only K-Sorb Organic mini booms 100mm x 1.5 Metres 12

Poly GP Universal Mini Booms:

Prod # Description Size Units Pkt
G34 Universal mini booms 75mm x 1.2 Metres 40
G1295 Universal mini booms 75mm x 3.0 Metres 10
G01619 Universal mini booms 100mm x 1.5 Metres 12

HazChem Booms:

Prod # Description Size Units Pkt
S2-30 Hazchem mini booms 75mm x 1.2 Metres 40
SCYMB01702 Hazchem mini booms 75mm x 3.0 Metres 6

Large Booms

Oil White Boom Oil Only booms are constructed with a strong mesh outer skin encasing a highly sorbent polypropylene filler. A nylon rope and steel hardware ensure long-lasting durability and easy retrieval. Repels water and won't sink even when saturated. Available in 125mm and 200mm diameters with lengths of 3 to 6mtrs.

Grey General Purpose Boom General Purpose Grey Booms absorb, petroleum-based liquids; water; solvents; insecticides; acids and caustics at a high absorption rate, making them ideal for all those general purpose, day to day maintenance jobs. General Purpose large booms can also be used for general maintenance, around machinery and equipment.

Poly Hazchem Yellow Boom Hazchem Booms are especially treated to absorb hazardous fluids, like acids and caustics and also absorb non-aggressive chemicals, petroleum-based liquids; water; solvents; insecticides. Colour coded “yellow” (which represents hazchem) they are easily identified as a hazchem product. Our low-lint booms form a solid chain surrounding the spill, stopping it spreading . Allure hazchem booms are filled with a polypropylene hydrophilic sorbent fibre which is highly absorbent and will quickly wicker any hazchem spill.

Oil Only Large Booms:

Prod # Description Size Units Pkt
SCWLB01725 Poly White Oil Only Booms 200mm x 3 Metres 4/Bale
SCKSLB01521 K-Sorb Large Oil Only Booms 200mm x 3 Metres 4/Bale
SCKSLB01519 K-Sorb Large Oil Only Booms 100mm x 3 Metres 6/Bale

Hazchem Large Booms:

Prod # Description Size Units Pkt
SCYLB01712 Poly Yellow Large Booms 125mm x 3 Metres 4/Bale


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Please check out some the other great web sites above. Skycore provides web design and website development services in Australian and Vietnam

Please check out some the other great web sites above. Skycore provides web design and website development services in Australian and Vietnam

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