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Welcome to SpillFix International - Wholesale Provider of Premium Spill Response Equipment + spillkits

Australia + Vietnam - Best Price Guarantee

SpillFix International stocks a range of over 450
innovative products for the safe containment of spills.


Spillfix International is a prominent wholesale provider of spill kits. Not only are our spill kits comprehensive but they are cheap and contain only premium quality spill pads, spill absorbents and spill booms. At Spillfix International we do not compromise quality for price but we do ensure you can maintain your site spill kit economically.

Buy factory direct spill absorbents and spill kits from a company with over 12 years industry experience. With offices in Melbourne, Perth and distributors all over Australia, we ensure that your requirements are covered.

Spillfix will not be beaten on price on replenishment items for your spill kits. Replace spill kit absorbent pads, absorbent socks and booms, sorbent pillows, floor sweep granular absorbent and all your spill response absorbents at the most competitive price in the market ( for comparable high quality product)


2015 New Year Special: Free Audit cover with every 120 litre mobile wheelie bin site spill kit purchased.

Premium Spill Response Equipment

SpillFix International, manufacturer and distributor of spill containment products and safety equipment has the solution to your safety and environmental requirements.

We have a comprehensive range of Spill Response, Containment and spill station products and ensure you receive the best possible service, superior products and huge cost reductions.

- Bulk spill absorbent supply
- Spill kit replenishment items
- Specialist & customised spill kits
- Cheap spill absorbents

Our professional team will assist you in complying with relevant regulations and partner with all customers to create a safer work environment. Whether you have a global spill requirement or your needs are Australian based, we have an envirosmart solution for you.



PUB ZORBE Indoor spill clean up absorbent powder

Zorbe indoor absorbent powder (PUB ZORBE):- If you own a bar, restaurant, nightclub, hotel or public venue you know what a disgusting mess your staff are faced with every day.

Zorbe indoor absorbent powder is a quick effective solution to cleaning up mess involving, food, beverage, blood, urine, vomit etc.

Simply sprinkle on the spill, sweep up and dispose. The best product for cleaning up messy spills in pubs, hotels and nightclubs   Readmore

Spillzorbe / Pub Zorbe

The perfect solution for cleaning up all liquid and semi liquid spills in kitchens, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, nightclubs, transport vehicles, ships, sporting clubs and any public venue.

- Prevent cut risks

- Prevent slip fall injury

- Prevent risk of infection from cleaning up spills involving body fluids

Simple to use: Just pour onto spill, sweep up and dispose. Leaves a clean dry surface every time

1.2 litre, 20 litre and 60 litre available.

Latest News



Spillfix International launches new laboratory and medical range of absorbents including Hazmat pads, Hazmat socks, chemical classifier strips, Hazmat pillows and poly back absorbent theatre pads

Read more


Spillfix International opened a new office in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam to service the spill response requirements of the market in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand


Bulk Absorbent Wholesale
Australia's Best Prices

Spillfix provides resellers with the best pricing, service and highest quality products.

With increased buying power Spillfix assures you of the best possible pricing on the highest quality absorbent products and spill kits. Whether you are after an eco spill solution or spill control system, Spillfix have the answer.


Product Development
Kitty Litter

Since the inception of spill response absorbents into the market, floor sweep / particulate style absorbents have commonly been referred to as "kitty litter".

Kitty litter generally refers to a clay based "adsorbent" rather than to a true absorbent. There are not many clay based products that exist in the market that are EPA and worksafe compliant. At Spillfix we ensure that all our products meet both Worksafe and EPA standards. Contact us for more information.

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Zorbe indoor spill absorbent

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Spillfix is your global spill response provider with offices in Australia and Vietnam.

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Please check out some the other great web sites above. Skycore provides web design and website development services in Australian and Vietnam

Please check out some the other great web sites above. Skycore provides web design and website development services in Australian and Vietnam

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