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About Us

About Us
Established in 2002, SpillFix International specialise in Premium Spill Response Equipment and Supplies. Distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific by Spillfix International Distributors, we have a massive product line to assist with any spill, large or small.



SpillFix International, manufacturer and distributor of spill containment products and safety equipment has the solution to your safety and environmental requirements.

We have a comprehensive range of products and ensure you receive the best possible service, superior products and huge cost reductions.

Emergency preparedness is crucial with today's stringent environmental and safety regulations. A quick response to oil, chemical, hazardous waste or biological spills can save an organisation thousands of dollars in fines. Using the correct spill containment products is equally as important, and having staff adequately trained in the use of equipment and safety procedures is mandatory.

SpillFix International Pty Ltd has a range of over 450 innovative products for the safe containment of spills together with over 2000 associated safety products, enabling convenient procurement of all your Spill Response equipment.


Our professional team of safety personnel assist you in complying with relevant regulations and partner with all customers to create a safer work environment.

Our products include but are not limited to:

  • Customised and standard spill kits
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE): headwear, eyewear, clothing, hearing protection, gloves
  • Drain protection & filtration systems
  • Floor sweep - organic, inert and biodegradable
  • Remedial floor sweep
  • Biohazard spill kits and absorbents
  • NEW - Hospitality industry spill kits
  • General purpose, hydrocarbon and hazardous material absorbents
  • Absorbent booms and pillows
  • Marine and land spill kits
  • Portable and fixed bunding
  • Polypropylene absorbents - Hazchem, Oil only and General purpose
  • Storage and waste containers
  • Biohazard, Cytotoxic waste and sharps disposal containers
  • Flammable and Corrosive storage cabinets
  • Eye wash and decontamination stations
  • Safety flooring
  • Oil separators
  • Spill containment receptacles


SpillFix International is proud to announce its association with Spilfyter USA. Spillfix International is a key supplier of Spilfyter products in Australia. Contact us today for access to the best prices on the Spilfyter range of products.

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Please check out some the other great web sites above. Skycore provides web design and website development services in Australian and Vietnam

Please check out some the other great web sites above. Skycore provides web design and website development services in Australian and Vietnam

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